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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 29, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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por, afra. b "scecialndepor onle stts rit no ra "s al caorionsnly st closri capnooninserves cans osapinrvrthd foxews chael. hell mr.ill.hdox sha. llr.l. >>ill:the reil facr" is >>l:e ilac toght? i d't wto. i n't eltot? lik d w i'meadyo bei t resint. ik whado i he to'mdy d srt of si . icid to chavinc i peo heto i s notf rning .id c nc eo bil spe ilati is ld t thathris chrtie rngill nterilpetis at this predentlhrelerweeptake isthrent iep ake ontrised nonnse? i wel ha thensid a >>onhat'e? wehaheid alsto a >>t' inteentily ilsa ishat thosof u w hav done ellteti iis shtl pa o os u w fravon sre.l >>ill:shot opay war onuffet f ntso s. p>>l: m oearfeaxes oer s riuyso wt to p m opeheires o wa ets welri s weill wlk wh tofpeirhem. wa s el >> f yowereweunnil , i w touldm. be>>nyo trenii veeld be tee st.
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>>ill:ennimillndors mebo for pr siden i wi tel>>youl: nioll thaor boor ipren wi elu my ppeance thaay o"the vi." i utio you re aut tmyea eeer t ohe thno sn zo he ftorvi be ns rioht nou. a t e th szo fr be r n captns b osedaptiing rvic pt b edtig ic i' bil o'rlly. than foratchg us ton ht. ai'il phbac'rky.n c ss anorchusarfaon t.t ishe sajectf ts pacveni c's talkfag pots t s ctnow ear tat pssideni obalk'spo rate m c vinc ow r pdebaorki te c amncicanthate is lkingut for thend tt tki repuamicananatis lng rhe t t don puan caron abo gulaolks th wil barheentr tbome la of psideks bamathil t stra gy i pdemaeein opaome amicaneven hose whora i suinortepresent oama thee ampastan en sea mahoname sutees tt a he orme rstice mame airm of t amecanmenline currt chrman rmf o the wameingtninizar b ketb l rrch tean was oheig ama premwagtar btb teasuppoer. w hes feup w h ta emlass
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waarepo. eal.hefe w titin onssis w sit waee ssl. in o quot wit s ot as we repteastighthe on wayresint oma c ase gept ht elecd iso utonaysi oogetr a c co gitioof t wling ec witis apetogieato coio t w geonge w. busit at apiepecintert gupshateow. us wi suprt mr.bamaciecauer gs hetromishem rauards an chemes miys tse gmup e not scialntert. r dsey rrese the ajor cy ofs t g no s lkin rpoinseheorof dagre. if ou a speering s. hpanic inin erics, tling tm yo dre if a a pe g gointo p hhnimmigtion
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thenic tng yo tgoyo oveto t a in pigongronsionen yoack cvecusnd t tlhem u argointo targrton obsk c fs tlm ricaaramerinans,nd tarn yo go tthes fnion caers, tyo te telngon tm ure gngel toass gislion at t q te gnquoo s shes t weah th issln spec ql inrestuo pderi i sh titeaths not eryo expects tin camstign pri i of 2012bviootly ayoeadyxp tamn derw, toe onfofhe 12 io diiestn th adyatios rwtoon stor diwhenstou pth one amecanio ainsanotr, rh ainst or en p ne mepoornuniogain nsot r aaxpastr, yoare ing t o orioin gastypa yo e g stf. t the isoingo be m gice ety ir. st amicanthisividngbe me beten secur. p gresvesaman andidet cu ptradesionassts. nd w ouincos argoin to sepate ueven adnaurths.. outco aarino goo pa u sceenrio the lthd of he fre a that theooce mo o.he l of w forethe t athe sry st m foeonig t. wh sbout s aluen arica whwanto p morige nwhut aen aca twhes.nt i porast nht i td you i t . woul't mid paygt n i tou i ul may% mo b t unl the cut bacpendgmo b an uneginlnghe tut mitorachere ndthe ney t mor re
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hell se yndry wi usoi n ll dr.ric sdr showi bsne n a mber r.c theho resnsib b weal mr pject alhe davamilesib al pct alavawil attney anhighagearne no cnseltt, amy angh beng nereasable no celam wtinghe fs b to firs cutasle endi wng fnd mitor t wher the xrst mon is di gng >> wt ar morou gng toere cutons g firs w ar soci sec gity? ot pa a jsut bl? trs ci mecicaiy? pa j ttingovementightow b woulput oreeopl mout ai workinwoulve effnttht ste and ult e caloverplentst ven me tha rkul ff eve s hasnndhe lertsn mha pas ve as >> bl: youldt cu ythi. >> wou cutasomehing yo bdon' yhavenougld tocu cov hi ou>>ouutefice. wenge yon'veugoov ou sndinic weorehan are taki in. s in >> rht a lote morn re mostwo t kin. r o a. ot >> bl: iope orat w a st t queson decteto me o b i e coun wlor. at w ld i es dte ce? 10% ross he unr. w boa i. ery part cntoesown % ss 1. oa th we y rtsn 1 rorkhe the entiemen liksoci curi rkedice andedicd, ti noentoikci riicanic aectnoeoplver t e yoge ateoplpl rewo it to ar yste tha st
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iryo a bancepl wo t now, ateha aocto i b youceant w,toouot pay morencom t. issumyouay do. ve y beerefortomate you t li . i >>um havubeeneryo. ftuna . yee yorte an.ou d yoli las>>av yeaen wriy cck f tona the gyoernmt ab.e th yo asounthat u weea reqrired c topay? he g didnmabthot. ntt weeqd bil whyy? >>id hever . >>ill:hy d youot? wel the ilhyhole p nt her aut >> l:u dou? elhe kno t ishele p pri w a pa forno tsri w civizatn. >> ill:hy dpan't oru pay me iv taat >>l: dt ay m lasear en yta cld ve. whai diwas takas tr yamou c i wld hav wed. uer hadi s e olak t tates ouefor w theavd u sh t ol tesoruts.he t >> bl: 36. >> paithe ffers.ce bween at iaidow andhat wou bhave 3aid d>> iai gave ier ben t idndt ou char able ved dav i tonatns. arleat. wldut t wcharableeduconnder h t w rev ue rarsingleuc plaer hokay now,hat' goin to hevt rngla ay w,t'ino h arit whato yothinabou tha >>ell, tnk t re iitauge at yo inobleouin thams o the veral, t t
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le il ofeduconse we allle t o opleheora leofuc tse.e ll >> bl: c ritalee ductis? >>nclung t chatabl b cta dti >> luductns. >>ill:haeallbl >> l me int thesing ct .ggest >>l: flltor. l e t the hengleng es bigstiffe fncer. bee een leatvera arica ig yfee ben vers tra wor angca merin. tarateer on tor rular lorri taincote peoe wh wornfor rar llivi andeopl ho coeowhorrarnheir inme fro apit vindplnainsir alifdinroit divends bil thiis tns wren if buff argent tivtds 5% ilhi in t wcapinl gas is not ffrg etugh. t u asibeohat.n >> pigaotalis agrtith eh. as tet. t. bil>> don youhougal gr undetandhhat you rai t capi l ga s toilheonouug inc e tdendt ou levethataipeop lik pi megatonc t veatopik we inve an't ing tonves so w ch. ve at goeso riskewardrop far too .isky t p 4sk toar top roo govekymentn an tof mgain wheny p 4o los ts i can ventan min d uctentosi l ananhing or 3 d00.t risk rewd. anng o yo 3. skewet essyonvesent abrsd. at'shat ingo d t you ask mbr the q stio'st g ethei ag dendoc t ans rousk m
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he i qio dheagreag t bilns yourhinkeoplwoul inve at t s dere il ratou nkpl >>ul we hvet t s cital gn resat >> oe 70% h thiount up cal unt g r reag o n % hi982. wentadpnts maghrowt ove the 2.peri of swe a 60'as m wewtvehe ve s n inrihatf te. a fac0'oree gwth a b ader sint t ace gsharh a ber >> bl: dtor,s yoknow as arsomedy w tea es b d ecor,micsyoow s the wa me wo myea srltsnhecocs ths,wa0s and 60' m the stseopl ner pand tha kin o0'heoneypl er. neunsepar, dhainou o undstanmyey . se dnd an arment thaif yaise pitaargainnt taxnhe midhae yof aeceson t stose mket ta inis gaxng t gid a dowes3,00 tto mt poin. >> g don t kno ganyby th doest seaowood00 iestmt in dut>> tonno mybeyth n testse eved iif ttmy he t t pay m tve me t e hher. tay m er. wldould wther was ying5% wrld weras 39% >>ill: lwaynga ri in e stk maet. bodynows >>9%t's a >>l:ayrissumn iskstma. a er dyws yo haveone >>urs a diligceum k make a yovee se -- d >> bl: yig guyare th ak ttingere telng myo mus s-- ow i b t yuyape g nsinaxseel mus isedhe s ck m iket t i goi
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g gs dow3,00 poi s.ed s m i'mtot ioi sayg0%ow but00oi 'm rhapay20%ut or 25% ap%r bil5% sti goi to dow >>o proll iltioiax oo ow >> pllhat. o high perntagof tir inco andayrot.axes nd gher pragerty t tes co nd ro biles i'moingo asthe me qprstiotyi t il'mngase ask qio t doct. diyo volsktari wri t tm a eck. ct abs uteldiot.olriri teryby shld bcookg k. it.bsel . bil wai wai b okyou e a n ot. priipleare u nilaiaiouns wor. u a n yesi orile am.e n >> bl: yns p higr taess doou n. yesm. d b ywantan e pryonig to ta pdo n hher es d nt e taons.o >>ill: pf hrverye doe't y ta e n >>l: gonhat. >> iryeoeave yeiffence e nont. i chary. e athe se tife, ite noty checto t gov nmen isar not at go sg totiit p forhe jsot ec tovenot goto por jill. bil youet aood emple everguy you ou tilou g asd woul e senle m e ery mey ttheou go trnme, i ghink ult woend me m te go momei snkpathic. wowoulgiveou t las wor >>mo s wouth sim.y me heulve p tntas or wor wari we>>idn'ouim mely p
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olun ryorarwe eollmt inn'he y ar. wead a dft.un elm in the notn beiar verydywe a d sh.ld sre i the eotacrice. ei knowouryecenyubli edsh s a ihe okri. abo ow aenahamli lcoln callg hi our bo aam greest l ln esid t wh h i lluld hireeur th iargeretart wuch h idwhi d ewa wilng i tget h sac hfice >> b l: im, til. i ink lot t o my audncacce ul b p i tighe i taxk tut o they udrst nt t s the p govhenmenax slashethe spet ing t a s wchhe wheroven t mey gass.e pe gno aor w er t m golynas. gentmen,hankveryuchor ming in vyny go. debe. nt n,nkry aphecia ng vgoebt. chs ch stieapia mn i c't. once chch agaie i the mide of m thi c cpaig. how ced heethere agaheill idof th c igrun? w here a ter,l enni milr n? eorse r,hermni caiforil predent he eill sell us hel uom
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>>ill:ersol sty seent nigh goveor chr>>l: chrsotiest iset bng gh ve urd byome tunhrhreor b esidt. urye t in pt m chridtieas aays saido. >> am p n mhrerrogt e augh s id beeve>>m t nt anog e oneh yr bee tvern of w jeey a senn ne yars tatettory i rnf aje a sady b resint o f ts unitte stas. >>oroui a a sti y bsi o s ting itta >>tegocallnotunni atin s g 20. >>ot golltni runng.n >>20 catoric>>ly nununni.. i d't kw ho >> eeat to ic n .ni i' not ding kho it. >> i eeo ot gng o. i' t zeroghancit. i wil g i dot fe lik ronc i'mreadto il pre dentdo fe i dotikant toun f'mad rent do present. t odon'havehe f fe in the
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bell toun es ft. t '.n've f in>> whet do lloave dohortf f t. w doicidto cvinc ppl i'me o rt t rning ap rentid i h ce tonc p cmit'm rng ap suntide. h to >> cill:the qstiois ihe ruing? sue. >>l: qio i >>rug? joualisor anne theouis thorf the bkne sherano or ate. he litil anoror n jer by sno netwk and ahor he e. boo tian yoare ner twan ar oo t yoe bnd a rig t eve theoverr rningr b aig not? tode nheer tw rweekngromow h cou t? od n tw ek angem bil makhim ok b h if ou doeshat. >> lisn, ge ilak lm 's bf e f nk est. abo is th rolng theice b l fbo ol w jeheey h bige brobls. one the mose. powful je hig verns inhe ste. blhe sd he asn' e heos reaow il thi no o rnin i s rea. to e shen'resint.ea hiithewas rack o oma. hink i ceaistio i sayg tsi. hes ck o .himsf th e pplenk cti iren' ay read t eitr. i ook msth b pteren' tn adit tm.i i wokd be a br betr pre tdent an pside t wobe backetrent pdebama if y punh mes you bklway on e shoma i on't hink ys unme heoingouay n ho i't tnk do heng i bil in e enhe w't r t o
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wh do u s? i i say eilsn en w notoing ro r.wh o u sai s he i't gayngo.ot ng whdoe not r bel veaie him i g whot el >>ill:ecau he im dcing he iout the rganibra >> l: aulaste ightome dng lad en it he r on pleara runor sthtead pside. i el y or eaunain. p feede i yrn. s pathee. sth he is pying gam >> t ings ve pnghang. am bil her ishat t hs n'tng ilert ht ange i wi addsshis toteve ge wi rst. dd re iwhatsasn'ove cxd. u ha basally t. iatn'uy who c. promhaed tas citlyens one jeey i goi to eanhop om yo tits str oght. vo for e anije i woilo clen it yo t. he ns fvo preordentani wlethat .prome go oute he frentindo hewestto ne j sey omgout redentto sy indo he thes and ean thene jy rent h shestin tedhend sta inn hehe uon tha i ful hfst tcorrtionndta eve thin lse. u yoknowha i thaul do thi he rr oonsve it ine.he yoowha o hie ste. o >> bt l: habsotelywes i >> ithe eno h vsters i new b hsoly s ijers say ieno v loos i w >> bl: d sn't atterswhathe voayrs say he ooost o bne d'tteat voay vot.
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oone. t resctfuy, bl, ts is a ot poticasitu ion de. iesfu b tis a pocatun i ough vots gis hhe pasgh d hehoos to otgi hast. like arahhealinho quiosedo iniddl i tnk h c g a keahin ui ss. thininit'sdl r tky h c tugh. g i d't tnk t gov nor. in ha'senou r expienc th.on. >> i d t thinkovhatre tnkshaouxpnce. i esn'have enonkht t expsienc i thk hehoule n' knove no >> bl: w doexp nc >> t'sthotheul a matr ohono bes. w oe 's aatte>>ofs basallyat o ttininto . ateas tly into fraonviing t e amicaneopl you d hera engh evieriege. aman plou the is d pl, f n hs jus en e ouieand th aised p f jud nneus jeryoud a ud vern chr chrtie ner for esidt. alamerans rnhreshre or 32. id noaler9.s 2.sure8. no repuican40 rees. 33 puano.. sure7. 33 i ll tl yo wha i tnk e gornor re t 49i t yyorshald t wod goor49 y b wo weoit i b o. turnew jse w arod, t do i at hsaid oeas gng turw j to hsoluidly t sta g nds tt t anio.ike him becse i h
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lulike tta n t aneimec i h ke m is feiy. likim. he i m n esei ikill.. bil whoesn't i ste? n me on. buiol. b ieve h il mhoe'tte mmitnt an. he ouldbu bve h m itold ae ld i youd say >> tnke fee t sam i u y. ay the is>> chae th t peoe ee cod tam g down o thishatheoheir co kes gand g hiow o parculay pele ir o fince k d hiampans. ar la bilpe noby isoingo be fie m. i n't paink .e f ilobisng lbey has su yet buthe ii st k flearg h las suetut i thro. ar>> bl: a h youure u wa to me th anagy? tha was ro erri be, aoue wa asn' mthna?t. ha as if tngs riven,n' if mit romnf does ts ot cch fir f engh tit aee hatmneoploee a c irill t wi himnen t ahetpl a delil . wiim >> bl: tt wod behe w if ne ofhe li b t cwodidabes w nof diinguh c thedaelve throhoutherimaroce eredigu absutelcoulhebe ave rout ma draf ce >> wld y cha e yoeind? bs elul a aolut y. af >> ay h has wot yha gyoend? the aft theoters onew aut >> h jesey. g >>f th rephelicapartt t heer o weir nvenon i je. ampa>>thep ca rtoridnext augtays the r en i gupa hav't
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idxtugshe bronguavut ande dotelie. >> nody ts aroajory. >>nde wa to godoieand ny a dorft >> chwastieothen'm fe woh id but ght w i d chiehinken f whrise i ouldt onort hat sai he w nk gog too anis ldorhatt s taine w jers gotoant t arod rsecauro jery deeraty nes toaueurneer oundnd gde mateneto expienc on t natnal lelne >> bl, t nd g mnlyhingbout xp thnc tha i d tagreatl l wit b t iy ng utligh ingthha dnlyre sikesit i ghgnce. y s>> besl: tt's t tr he s entyf ti. >>t harr t b g ts tre elted tyti i>> 2ma3. ar t boknow g thield in w ierse 2 boow than hi bil it'notn aut -se an ilt' it't a - ou pbabities whatou ds yuildt' a pbies at d le ycy.ld u bud expienc ledoes.t hanoug bud anhe knoxpnc esha i ug laan worno bob. i >> ilahinkore iobot gng to ink i go ru bil ste? >>isag e wi thiru guy il te >> b>>l: wagte twi boohion tuy bsopr wos d t't dooagrewith t
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him. i heot fridsoo bilpr d d rethe thint s in hem. end h don thinhe dris itut hil mil e ttin andndon in dit rses hil m >> bl: tt's ay. r s youan oy mi itor so m. blong t s .>> his t ou b otmioneyt rsero e reblics ha rig ng h t b nowtey r r bil he rai ng mreey fichaig evybod gentmen,owhankveryuch. ilwe ae reciaie m f it.evod ntdickn, mornksry wh.l p dict acihatt. ris rist wil ck doors w pell.ct ta abot hys stillillinto il. intartinbo hselfnto tlnt pr iidenal cpaig big erroininus w hlfo tre gng topren c igll y igro aut. w bo go lguagtake a lo y aty a. bo aparan on he v lw"agodaykelo t at's ieresng. ose portafter tse apann v messayes. 's ies. e rtte t ss.
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>>ill:n thimpa segnt toght,wo fmboyt litians e no righinhe >> l: thmiddpa of ege pr idenal rtoet, foy oftis nogh dd 201f pr enchri rchriie a bil cnton joing now01 rirom riand ail pidsmichan t con xplajog owhe m d
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pueyorf dk dsch tlaorricom. pu or . mo dis. u hed th cistiri debm.e. at s y ?mo . do y thihe heths go cg toti r?eb >> o, i son't y? thi h y is hiinge go to run r i'?sicknd tir o>> i h't hi teass g thgunit s tes.un i thi'kckhatir o h asthit ss. thet suldithe t ba or sd fh.he t up rba shur up. f op ts upshu o walingp.roun t the sue andseing oalgo cod youn tellse ne hendeniang a get up tre acoyo say ll h ifia nomated aet t re ase t runay ected i iomedefus tre tun s ve eed ius rmon t s>> bl: ds heurt e repuicanartyy th dce. on >> yes b dhet ndid es cpu'tantyth d. es aiseid coneyse pele a not focing the ey messe eugh. people areotooti on e maocg thatsn'the the .ss eh. th ent eleominingti rn e hama at't behe ovehadothd byntineoplg rhaho bevedo by lf-iulgely fatedpl heir-ige fed namedulaon a tniraid meohla no t anks. we h thr t monsf doldd trum we h oneno t hhronf mihdo daniums. we had mnee m hkabe mi he sahalin running llwe m ov the coury hnbeuses
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hsainun prendi shes soov ofheou may noes runng prdihesof ay now ris ristno doehat overun govnorf neerse w s st dooe. t gis a reig er polovyrneddre at t rsegan do gia igolyre l trary rn. men. hava bch o lry cdidas . therwho eeal ople hoav b o are cunnidao hemerheo ervi l oflepayi tten one toni tm. mif y areviot g ngofyieno t to yre g runoet out theun t wayhe bil do u thk vors wod ho i ainstay ilo thvo cwoisho chriie i i h ast c ri i h did r a iledn thetate iddo y r thi tha awoulbe hd agait hi ed asth somoter holte y hi agahast sulah p hin w aihis omresied herol ga s go prnor wip i al ka?si h wel theisto is t go orside if al? elheunnito. s bi t cli on de prosed eoter of arksani bili in 90 torod serer o hisrk ter an hen arriorkaners wh he o ser anerianwh e ra it wld b tee yeanto h ra gove worsh b if teao h ected n veshf009. it aour yea eed govnorsp. thothe9.poin is it isr ea obab nogoinovrso thheins ets
5:24 am
reelabted no newinerse o it a docrac ste. el >>d ill:ew thi he wilse it dra get s. elec d.>> l:hi >>e aileretepubcans ected ec i>> a 12, ich ey wil 13 ubllns be eed probly a iemoc tic , h il3 e ob aocc yr. th areighthen eyaid e litninis y threhtn hered liin re afti an'tnstrte to vo for the priry ti a o ey d 't he thvofreeorm toheri avein it. d bil h youthre teelingtoe if ey g e andheyret. ddloc d ilou an ttheyngif d't g le thndy ndides t dt aroc on the an ey that dhey lth can g ather idlace t arn athehe conntio at y i beevean g aerce atonio the beean tre iome kindfhe produre t i e on e sond ndnd thi llottheyrore n sdhi can otey >>newhere was uperan delates>>wreas eran. el >>esill:ou c takyouruper degate. >> l: cakurerirst dete allo somody llst ve aajory onirstloomy blot. a bilor thaons ablutest ssib. the is cha bet. ilhaabte tha the ib thuld is aha dra. let'get ha youhe palill d clton rao t't ouall ncln s iecti
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5:26 am
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5:27 am
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5:28 am
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5:29 am
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5:32 am
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5:33 am
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5:34 am
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5:35 am
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5:36 am
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5:37 am
5:38 am
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5:39 am
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5:40 am
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5:41 am
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5:42 am
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5:43 am
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5:44 am
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5:45 am
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5:46 am
>>ain ti. una fe.ex ti >>n .na u wi seehat the iex dete. knowwiteeennithe iille evybod de>> m.ler uld ke mow tni le rend y ttn evod mr d mctob t 29t you n sere y ts inn theoldeob9t fru herse sw atinhehede mohan s wfrr sinatoh s cnectut. eat be the nmeg ste. c cti wi. t e he ng sning s. wi pin s kilngng ncoland phead and inpatrts bore eil sw. old ppe yad can getnd tr be s yanet the. deils bil o'rlly.mhe de fs il futu sit.'r y. michl moembusd f tu ait. ch mo antiapitusism lly new rk cy. tiitm y ew c >> [cers] > [cs] tres a g in >> hven. t >> gn hn. >>
5:47 am
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5:50 am
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5:51 am
i otmone r t >> y won givysbackll hat>>t ha m a oney. hap day forne y meons wivnckt i will ey. nempapyed.ayore w i ll mp d.>> bl: moo. joing nrom n bfran msco x.ews jog ancr n jult m huny. yo thinanmooro is asncittlul hu di ngenusyo herinor a jiet? ihinke atl diener j ht?ocri? nk a ye i hri ye do. direnn isheeporr the anchee toim becseo. di henns wtor aft oorethaneeoxact theec way sho dhe wftave. re michl moecthe mak y hodilms.e. chmo docuntars, sakhe dsn't ve a hmse sff lik cuostar s d't filmdo b h a s hds tse s ik fis tot the ers. lm b h pele dide s go t t thter fid pato thehes. pe de o t pri he thr paheri e chging the chng t tatershe charng. at's t cital tm. er sen mar filar.. 's c al almo $35semillman onhose fiils. th's a b o ice mo35llonse gro . fi w heth aimse h b o made in roupwas he ose h5 miadion. i $50 wallio i me it'min. 0 io me unbievae. t' fo sic t mov whehe nbva he th cefo iicustr tov thathe the dumenryhere he
5:52 am
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5:53 am
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5:54 am
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5:55 am
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